Important information regarding Vegetation Management (formerly WPAD Audit)

My office has received several calls inquiring as to the release date of the Vegetation Inspection Audit. It is my hope that this post clarifies the scope of the upcoming audit report. The report will be released in mid-November.

In the spring of 2012 I announced the initiation of a performance audit of the Oakland Wildfire Prevention Assessment District (WPAD). Due to resource limitations, in August 2012 my office put the audit on hold. In June 2013 we reinitiated the audit, however, during our initial work it became clear that our audit to determine if the Oakland Fire Department (OFD) effectively manages the City’s vegetation inspection process would not include a review of the WPAD. OFD's Fire Prevention Bureau, in its role in mitigating the risk and safeguarding Oakland from another catastrophic disaster, is responsible for vegetation management which includes the inspection process. Inspections are performed by Firefighters funded through the General Fund, not the tax assessed through the WPAD. While the WPAD provides funding for some support services to the inspection process, its involvement was insignificant to our audit scope. The WPAD collects monies from property owners in the District to pay for additional fire prevention, suppression, and preparedness activities generally beyond what is provided by OFD. Specifically, regarding the inspection process, the WPAD only provides limited funding for database support services (approximately $35,000 and $45,000 for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013).

Wildfire Prevention

As summer is quickly approaching, it also means fire season is right around the corner (May 1 – November 1). This past October marked the 20th anniversary of the Firestorm and we were all reminded of its incredible devastation of life and property.

Tragically, 25 lives were lost during that event, along with more than 3,000 homes, condos and apartments. The Firestorm destroyed more than 1,500 acres, with a total economic loss estimated at more than $1.5 billion.

To prevent a fire of this magnitude from ever happening again, the City established the Oakland WildFire Prevention Assessment District. Property owners within this district pay an assessment for additional services, as well as have special rules and requirements governing fire prevention as they are located in a high hazard severity zone.

In March, my Office initiated a performance audit of the Oakland Wildfire Prevention Assessment District to determine whether Oakland’s Fire Prevention Bureau’s inspection process and properties within the district comply with Charter requirements and existing fire code.

It is my hope that this performance audit will help us understand the effectiveness of our fire prevention efforts and provide Oakland residents a measure of confidence in the City’s efforts to prevent future tragedies like the Firestorm for occurring again.

To learn about the WildFire Prevention Assessment District’s resources for homeowners, click here.

City Council Non-Interference

For democracy to work, we must have functioning separation of powers and checks and balances. At the local level, this means city councils make policies and appropriate funds, while administrations run the day-to-day operations. Each branch of government has its function, and laws have been enacted to prohibit the overstepping of another's authority.

In Oakland, there have been many signs that problems exist with City Council interference. Since becoming City Auditor, I have had employees consistently voice concerns to me over Council interference as well as received reports on my Office's Fraud, Waste + Abuse's hotline about this issue. Both the 2010 and 2011 Ethical Climate Surveys found Council interference to be one of Oakland's most troubled ethical areas.

During last year's budget deliberations, I warned Council of a potential interference violation relating to staffing assignments for the Revenue Division [hyperlink]. Most recently, the City Attorney issued a memo regarding non-interference in administrative affairs and outlined prohibitions set forth in the City Charter Section 218. The same day, the City Administrator reminded everyone of the current Administrative Instruction on appropriate procedures for staff when reporting interference [hyperlink].

In light of all these factors, today my Office has initiated an audit to evaluate violations of City Charter Section 218 (Non-interference in Administrative Affairs).This audit is not an investigation of any one incident of Council interference. It is, however, a tool to determine the extent of violations of City Charter Section 218 and offer possible remedies to mitigate their occurrence. As part of this audit, we will be conducting direct outreach to employees and asking them to provide examples of interference so that we might better understand the challenges they face in executing their jobs.

It is essential that each branch of Oakland’s city government stay within its role so that, together, we may move Oakland forward.

Welcome to my Blog

This space has been created to share my thoughts with concerned residents and members of the business community on issues impacting Oakland, government, and our community as a whole.

I hope this forum helps readers think of new ways to address old problems and promulgates a constructive, community-based dialogue so that together we can move this city forward.

I’m excited to embark on this new communication format and look forward to hearing from you about future posts.

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