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Acting City Auditor Michael C. Houston, MPP, CIA

NEW: Annual Audit Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2023-24.

On August 31, 2023, the Office of the City Auditor released its innagural Audit Work Plan. Every year our Office determines what  to audit next. This year we are publishing this detailed process and results so Oaklanders can see into the workings of our Team’s audit planning—including how we consider mandated responsibilities, community concerns, limited resources, and urgent issues.

This Audit Work Plan reflects our Office’s ongoing efforts to audit areas that matter most to Oaklanders, while holding government accountable for improving operations, and delivering critical city services more effectively, efficiently, and equitably.

We want to thank Oakland residents, Councilmembers, City leaders, community leaders, and City employees for sharing your concerns and ideas by participating in interviews and meetings, completing surveys, and continuing to reach out directly to my Office. As your City Auditor, it is important to me that your concerns and ideas were represented in this Audit Work Plan.


Concerns Regarding the Chinatown Community Benefit Business
Improvement District Lead to Recommendations for Oakland’s
Community Benefit Business Improvement Districts

On August 24, 2023, our Office released an investigation report about the Chinatown Community Benefits District (CBD).

Beginning January 2022, the City Auditor’s Office received numerous allegations about the formation and operation of the Chinatown CBD. Whistleblowers were concerned the formation of the Chinatown CBD lacked transparency and validity. They alleged the self-appointed Board of Directors was not verified, and lax voting processes may have allowed people other than members of the Chinatown CBD Board of Directors to vote. Additional concerns included inaccurate vote tallies, and unauthorized and/or undocumented CBD activities and expenditures. The investigation substantiated all the whistleblower allegations.


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