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Mission, Vision, Values


The Office of the City Auditor advocates good City government for all Oaklanders by independently and objectively assessing City programs and services, making recommendations to improve them, and publicly reporting the results. 


Our vision is to achieve an effective, efficient, equitable, ethical, and accountable City government that is data-driven, responsive to the most pressing needs of residents, and supportive of the collective well-being of Oaklanders.  


We are driven by the positive difference our work makes in every Oaklander’s life. The Office adheres to the following values: 

  • Accountability. We believe government officials and agencies—including our Office—are responsible to the public for their performance, use of resources, stewardship of assets, and ethical conduct. 
  • Transparency. We believe free and open access to information is necessary for government officials and agencies to be accountable. 
  • Integrity. We conduct our work and report results fairly, honestly, objectively, and independently. We are committed to evidence and accuracy and will publicly acknowledge and correct our errors.
  • Respect. We recognize that government officials, agency executives, and City staff including those within our Office, bring different strengths and perspectives to the table. Within City government and within our Office, we listen to others’ points of view and share our knowledge, skills, and ideas to communicate honestly and constructively.
  • Collaboration. We aim to approach our work constructively, listening to the concerns of the community, City employees and officials, and coming together for the common goal of improving outcomes for Oaklanders.
  • Responsiveness. We aim to add value to decision-makers by providing relevant, useful, and timely information to inform City governance and focusing our work on the most pressing issues faced by Oaklanders.
  • Excellence. We are committed to engendering credibility by producing high-quality, reliable work and continuously striving to improve our performance.
  • Openness. We work best as a team when we communicate together freely, candidly, and with humor, and foster creativity by crediting and building on the contributions of others. 

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