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Recognition & Awards

The Office of the City Auditor is a member of the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). It is a professional organization committed to supporting and improving local government auditing through advocacy, collaboration, education, and training while upholding and promoting the highest standards of professional ethics. Every year ALGA recognizes auditing excellence through its Awards Program.

In 2016, the Office of the City Auditor received the prestigious Knighton Award (Medium Shop category) for its Performance Audit of the City of Oakland Rent Adjustment Program.

“…we chose the report ultimately because it was a direct response to a dire community need. Residents were concerned about the soaring costs of housing as Oakland was one of the most expensive rental markets in the country. Landlords were frustrated because of increasing costs related to compliance requirements. The Auditors in the City of Oakland scoped this audit to directly address the concerns of residents and to urge the City to respond to this need.”

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