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Reports in Progress

Reports in progress are those that the Office of the City Auditor is currently working on. Below is high-level information about reports in process. The amount of time required to complete a report is dependent on the scope of work, and some audits may require a significant amount of time. Once an audit is complete, report findings and recommendations are published and available on the Audit Reports page. For a better understanding of the auditing process, refer to the infographic below.

  1. Workforce Development Audit
  2. 25 Whistleblower Cases
  3. OPD Follow-Up Audit
  4. Completed Ballot Measures Analyses to be Released in November 2018 Voting Guide:
    • Cannabis Business Tax
    • Just Cause Amendment
    • Real Estate Transfer Tax Tiered Rates
    • The Children’s Initiative of 2018
    • Workplace Protections & Department of Workplace and Employment Standards


Audit Process Infographic; infographic text follows.

Performance Audit Process

  1. Planning: Review organizational functions, program activities and related financial processes.
  2. Fieldwork: Conduct interviews, observe operations, perform data testing and document observations.
  3. Draft Report: Review draft report with department and City Management. A Report in Progress is not a public document.
  4. Validate Observations: Update auditee on observations as they are identified.
  5. Response Period: Management prepares a formal response with action plan and timeline.
  6. Final Report: Final audit is issued and is publicly available on the Reports page.
  7. Follow-Up Report: Recommendations are later verified as completed.

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