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Reports by Type

Per Oakland’s the City Charter, the City Auditor performs certain audits or reviews every year to ensure the City is operating as planned. Translation is available by contacting our Office. Below is a list of the types of reports available:

Performance Audits

Performance Audits evaluate if the City is effectively and efficiently spending taxpayer dollars, complying with relevant rules and regulations, and whether programs are getting the results promised.

Legend: M = Mandated performance audit and O = Operational performance audit.

Ballot Measures

These reports provide an impartial financial analysis of City of Oakland ballot measures.

Reviews, Memos & Master Fellow Reports

Reports on specific topics of City activities and functions related to public concerns.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports summarize audit activities performed by the Office of the City Auditor during a given year and how the City has embraced recommendations for improvement. Whistleblower Program Annual reports give a high-level overview of program achievements and investigations, including the number of reports and resolution of reported allegations.

Peer Reviews

As a key quality control mechanism, the Office of the City Auditor receives a peer review at least once every three years. These audits are performed by a team of independent auditors from other governmental jurisdictions and determines whether or not an audit organization’s work meets government auditing standards.

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